Implemented COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Hello all! We hope everyone and their families are in good health, and we commend you all for hanging in there during such a physically and emotionally difficult time. All of us are looking forward to resuming our day-to-day lives, and Lavande would like to announce our reopening on June 1, 2020 to fulfill your beauty needs in tandem with precautions we have implemented in order to make sure all of our clients and employees remain safe, happy, and healthy.

During our reopening, we will only offer a select number of services, and among those services there are also limitations. We will offer neuromod services (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport), dermal fillers, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, spider vein removal, CryoSculpt treatment, and RF Sculpt treatment. All other services (including Salon services and Day Spa services) will be suspended until further notice.

We will also be implementing a number of safety procedures that must be followed:

  • All clients and employees will be required to uphold social distancing and wear facial masks within the office at all times

  • All professional employees (RNs) will be required to wear PPE gowns, masks, gloves, and face shields while performing treatments

  • All clients will be required to undergo a simple  5-minute screening test in our office before treatment, in order to ensure it is a safe environment for all

    • Temperature, pulse, & O2 sat levels will be checked, questions about health will be asked
    • Clients with a high temperature or inadequate oxygen levels will be kindly asked to leave for the safety of all
    • Clients will be asked to put their belongings in a separate bag we will provide in the office as an extra precaution
  • We ask that clients that do not feel well, have a fever, or exhibit any number of COVID-19 symptoms refrain from coming into the office

  • Treatment times will be increased to accommodate screening and other safety procedures

  • There is a limit to how many clients will be allowed on the premises at a time, so clients must call when they arrive to the office to ensure it is safe to enter

    • Clients are welcome to wait in the Nordahl Medical Center (NMC) lobby
    • Our staff will inform you when you are able to enter the office, please do not enter before this confirmation
    • Please do not arrive with anyone accompanying you
  • All paperwork will be provided to clients in the office and filled out before your appointment

  • Employees are required to constantly sanitize common areas, treatment rooms, and equipment in between appointments

  • All payment must be by credit card – clients will have links sent to their phone in order to complete secure payment, and can enter credit card information through that link

Because we must control the number of patrons in the office at a time, we have substantially fewer appointment times to offer clients, so book your appointment as soon as possible to make sure we can satisfy your beauty needs as soon as possible!

Thank you to all of our resilient clients, and we can’t wait to see you soon!